You’ve heard of Mars, Saturn and Pluto, but have you heard of the new planet found in our solar system? It’s far away and it will take some singing, dancing and laughter to get there. Be prepared for anything to happen on Planet Pretend…

This is a brand new group for toddlers age 2 and up. The group offers fun activities that support pre-schoolers learning in a fun and creative way, but also allows for younger children to join in the fun making it accessible for all.

As a mum of two I regularly struggled with finding a group that was age appropriate for both my children, the same dilemma happened again when I qualified as a childminder. So this is it, my key values on how Planet Pretend entered our solar system:

  • It must be age appropriate for younger siblings but also ignite the minds of pre-schoolers.
  • It must be a warm and welcoming environment for all grown-ups in the play setting.  
  • A chance for parents with babies to have some precious time with them, whilst I entertain older brother or sister.
  • A chance for children to be loud, creative, use their imaginations, make friends and become familiar with the groups routine! The welcome rap is always a winner, let’s get them rapping.
  • The children preparing for lift off to Planet Pretend will be known as ‘The Pretenders’.
  • For everyone at the group to feel they have experienced something a little different, perhaps out of this world different!

And there you have it ‘’Planet Pretend, that’s the one! let’s land there and adventure on’’

Previous themes include; Pirates Vs Fairies, Outer Space, On The Farm, Mermaids and Creatures of The Sea, Shapes, Colours and Safari as well as bespoke party themes for children’s parties.